About Us

Founded in the late 1990s as a specialized company in the field of electronics in line with the development of the world of wireless communications in the Republic of Yemen through the provision of services and supplies of the company Teleman and in 2004 was declared the founder and the first agent of Yemen Mobile operator CDMA only in Yemen The company has become the first company to offer all the services of the company to all the subscribers and sells its products through its branches and points of sale

Yemen Mobile has been announced as the exclusive agent for LG-Korean phones, an exclusive agency in the Arab world officially launched by LGE. Great satisfaction and satisfaction by Yemeni citizens and Yemen Mobile

With the great expansion in the world of telecommunications and the Internet ADSL through the Yemeni Public Telecommunications Corporation has been announced the foundation of the Mutarreb von commercial services and the first agent of the institution in all provinces in the sale of all the requirements of the Foundation across branches in all provinces
Despite the success achieved by the institution by winning the confidence of customers in all provinces and gain the confidence of the customer in all products of the company has been announced a new brand in the market of Yemen and the Arab world in 2009 on behalf of TOPTIL phones operating two systems according to customer demand is characterized by high quality and Korean technology manufactured in China under the hands of experts and specialists in Areas of Information Technology Under the supervision of the wise management of the General Manager Mr. Nabil mohammed hamood almutarreb, the official owner of the institution